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Best Haircuts for Thin Hair

Sunday, March 9th 2014. | Hair Styles

Finding the best haircuts for thin hair, the ones that make it look fuller and thicker, can be a challenge. Thin hair often requires a little more work than thick hair and people with thin hair may feel self-conscious about their finer locks than those with thicker waves.


One of the best haircuts for thin hair is short and layered. Short hair makes thin, fine hair automatically look thinner, but adding layers gives it the illusion of thickness if you want that short cut to maybe be a chin-length bob. And remember, the more layers you add the thicker your hair will look! But be warned, if you let your hair grow past your chin, layers will have the opposite effect and will thin your hair out even more.


Try shifting your part! Another one of the best haircuts for thin hair is a bias cut which can simply and easily hide thinning and receding hairlines by encouraging the hair to sweep forward and across the front of the face.


Add volume and texture by adding some wave! It’s a simple fix and great for women who want to keep their long length but despair at the thinness of their hair. A little wave or curl makes thin hair appear much fuller and thicker.


The last trick you can try is clever coloring. Adding a combination of highlights and low lights to hair gives it an extra dimension and tricks the eye into thinking that there is more to your hair than is really there. Let your stylist know that you want your coloring job to be multi-tonal so that your hair appears thicker and they should be able to mimic the effect you want!

best haircuts for thin hair

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