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Black Hair Colors

Wednesday, October 2nd 2013. | Celebrity Styles, Hair Styles

Choosing black hair colors can be a risky endeavor. A deep black is hard for most people to pull off as it tends to look a bit witchy and unnatural. But, if black hair colors are what you want, or if your hair is already a color bordering black and you want ideas to help spice it up, then you’re in luck, it is possible to highlight darker hair and give it more movement and depth! Plus, those with light colored eyes will love having darker hair, it makes light colored eyes stand well out.


The key to working black hair colors is getting the right tone to compliment your skin so that you don’t look funny or too washed out. Each skin tone has a type of black that suits it best. Light skin tones should choose colors that border dark brown and aren’t too dark as anything jet black is likely to wash them out and bring out any red in their features. A medium skin tone can go almost jet-black in color but should avoid reddish tones because they will make medium skin tones appear yellow. Dark skin tones can pull off the super dark and bold blacks but all skin tones should avoid blue-blacks. In darker skin tones they can make you appear greenish because it brings out just too much of the olive tone in your skin.


When choosing highlights for your hair, avoid blues as they make most skin tones look green and go easy on the reds. Black hair tends to wash out easily and fades into a reddish color anyway, so the addition of red-highlights can make black hair fade into a solid red that isn’t what you want. Plus, you’ll want to go with colors that are a shade lighter than your target color so that hair doesn’t fall flat, but also so that the highlights look natural and not fake.

black hair colors

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