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Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Tuesday, October 1st 2013. | Engagement Rings, Wedding Styes

Colored engagement rings are quickly gaining popularity. Blue stones are especially popular and have been increasing in popularity since the engagement of Princess Diana. Sapphires are the most popular stones used in blue diamond engagement rings, but there are a number of other stones that would work as well. Everything from a tanzanite to a topaz can be used in place of the slightly more pricey sapphire.

A blue diamond engagement ring is a great option for women who prefer less traditional style engagement rings. If you’re shopping alone or with your partner, consider buying a colored engagement ring. They can be classy without being traditional, and modern without being too hipster.

The key to any perfect engagement ring is the setting, and blue diamond engagement rings are no different. You can have your blue gem as the focal point and have it surrounded by diamonds, or you can make the traditional diamond the focus of your ring and have it framed by blue stones. The options are endless.

Be sure the cut you pick is one that highlights the natural beauty of the gem. You want something that lets the light in so that it can capture the eye, and this goes for your diamonds as well as your blue gems. Don’t go for a cut that doesn’t elevate the beauty of the gem. Go for a cut, even if it’s a little more expensive, that makes your gems truly stand out as the unique and beautiful stones they are.

blue diamond engagement ring

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