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Brunettes Hair Color

Thursday, November 7th 2013. | Hair Color Ideas, Hair Styles

Achieving a brunettes hair color isn’t a tricky thing to do. But getting a brunette’s perfect chestnut locks, with its beautiful sun kissed highlights and sultry lowlights is a whole different endeavor entirely. The key to any perfect coloring, even a brunettes hair color, is getting the right highlights and low lights. These two coloring elements are what give hair its depth and volume and finding the right colors to match your overall tone is crucial.

With any hair color, matching the overall tone to your natural skin tone is crucial. The wrong shade of hair can make you look green, yellow or overly red. Talking to an experienced stylist is a great way to discover which shades are best for you, however if you don’t have one you feel comfortable talking to, consider searching changing rooms online and trying on different shades there.

Something to consider when choosing any hair color, including a brunettes hair color, is hair length. The longer your hair the more maintenance is required and the more it will cost you to color. In most women, shoulder length hair is the most flattering length and thankfully it’s also easy to color, easy to maintain and not that expensive to keep up. While shorter hair is certainly cheaper to maintain, be careful! It takes an experienced stylist to color short hair well. The shorter strands leave less margin for error because there is less length for the eye to take in making highlights and low lights significantly more obvious.

brunettes hair color

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