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Celeb Hairstyles

Celebrities are emulated and followed each and everyday. Is it any wonder that we look to them for the newest and best in everything from fashion to hairstyles? Here are the top celebrity hairstyles being requested by people all around.


The wispy bob – With eye grazing short layers and longer layers that fall just past the jaw, this look is stylish but won’t elongate the face if done properly. You want an angular bob with soft lines to pull this look off.


Punk rocker pixie – With softened sideburns and edges and short hair at the neck, this style can elongate the neck and comes with lots of volume for you to style at the top of the head.


Sexy waves – The key to this longer hair style is to make sure the layers around the face accentuate your features. Ask for layers in the back as well for texture, but make sure the main focus is on giving your face that sultry look with feature accenting layers.


Asymmetrical – It’s definitely making waves and the key to this style when cut short is having the stylist cut one side long and the other side short so that the layers on top come over shorter bits underneath.


Blunt bangs – They work well with most face shapes, but those who have a wider forehead might want to taper the sides so they accentuate the eyes.


Textured layers – This is the perfect style for those with heart and oval shaped faces. It gives them a youthful appearance. The key is blending the layers at the collarbone. The shortest layers will want to fall beneath the cheekbones so you can tuck the layers back behind your ears.

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