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Clothes for Women Over 50

Friday, September 6th 2013. | Fashion Styles

Clothes for women over 50 should be stylish and modern without making mature women feel as though they have to resort to the same sorts of clothes that teenagers today are wearing. It’s hard to find clothes for women over 50 that do this, however, which means that those looking for clothes for women over 50 may have to work a little harder to build a style that compliments them.

The most important thing for older and more mature women to remember when chosing clothes is not to try and be something they aren’t. Choose clothing that suits your personality and you’ll be more comfortable and confident. Empty out and update your wardrobe. A style that looked great on you at 30 probably won’t be as flattering at 50. Dressing younger doesn’t make you look younger; quite the opposite.

Don’t choose clothes that are bulky and drab, accessorize with a little sparkle to bring new lifeto an outfit. Invest in tailored separates that flatter your figure and are made of high quality fabrics rather than blends. Most importantly, avoid black. Go for colors that are new, bold and look good with your complexion. Black is often too harsh and make you appear drab and washed out; try jewel tones as they look great with most skintones

Buy a few pairs of well-fitting jeans that flatter your shape; avoid tears, holes and teenage embellishments, the waist should sit comfortably on the hips, know the different styles and the cuts affect your shape, get jeans with a bit of lycra for stretch, try them on and check pocket size and placement

Keep an eye out for clothes all year and buy them when they’re on sale. This goes for everything in your wardrobe; even that formal dress you’re not sure you’ll need but love. Weddings and parties happen all the time and it’s better to be prepared with something you know you look good in.

Lastly, have a professional bra fitting so shirts sit well, and buy by fit not by size. Sizes vary by store, by brand and by person. A size 12 in one store will not fit the same as a size 12 in another store. Don’t look at sizes, judge by fit. You’ll be happier and more confident.

clothes for women over 50

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