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Curly Bobs with Bangs

Monday, December 23rd 2013. | Bob Hairstyles, Hair Styles

Curly bobs with bangs are cute hairstyles that are well suited to almost every face and body shape. Bobs are flattering for most face shapes and with bangs you can add style and versatility to even the simplest bob cut. Curls add volume and pizazz to a bob making it pop!


An asymmetrical bob is a perfect option for curly bobs with bangs. The differing length are well suited to razor cut, tight curls. Razor cutting curly lengths is ideal because it lightens, gives movement, and adds volume without adding to frizz. Remember, make sure your stylist knows how to razor cut curly hair. Make sure they only cut your hair when it’s wet, to only cut with a new razor, and that they cut with the curl instead of against it.


Having curly or wavy hair naturally gives the bangs in curly bobs with bangs some natural volume, shape and movement. Most face shapes wants to avoid flat, harsh, and blunt bangs, and the natural wave in curly hair encourages longer bangs that can be swept to the sideband used to frame the face and bring attention to the eyes and cheekbones.


Don’t be afraid to try a short hairstyle like a bob if your hair is curly. With a little practice and product you can pull off a beautiful hairstyle that isn’t frizzy but is, instead, trendy and flattering no matter what shape or size you happen to be.  Bobs are easy to manage, perfect for women who are always on the go, and flatter just about everyone!

curly bobs with bangs

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