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Curly Long Haircuts

Monday, November 18th 2013. | Hair Styles, Long Hairstyles

Curly long haircuts can be considered frumpy and unstylish by those who have to live with a head full of bouncy curls. You may feel limited in styling options or cutting techniques and long for hair that is straight, sleek and shiny. But fear no more. With the right hair cut you can turn even the most unruly curls into a hairstyle that the straight-haired girls will envy and yes, you can razor cut your curls!

The key to all curly long haircuts is keeping your hair healthy. Use a good moisturizing conditioner when you shower, use hydrating hair products with olive or coconut oil, use products right out of the shower and blow dry without a diffuser so it doesn’t take forever to dry.

If your hair has loose and uneven waves, go for a longer (read below the shoulders) cut. Style with a mousse, blow dry, then add defining cream to let the curls shine through. It doesn’t take too long and gives a uniform look that won’t frizz and be unmanageable.

Tight spiral curls but medium to fine hair? The best curly long haircuts are those with layers. And yes, you can get those layers razor cut. Be sure your stylist is used to cutting curly hair, cuts with the curl and only cuts your hair when wet and with a fresh razor to avoid damaging the ends.

If your hair is thick, don’t cut too many layers into it. Too many layers can be frizzy, and if your hair is thick you’ll want most of them on the bottom anyway to help lighten up the style.

Do you have thick, tightly curled hair? Like with the thick and wavy hair you’ll want to cut long layers into it to keep it from getting too heavy. Keep the layers long to keep hair from getting too big as well.

curly long haircuts

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