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Curly Styles for Medium Hair

Monday, March 17th 2014. | Hair Styles, Medium Hairstyles

Curly styles for medium hair are some of the best looking and sexiest styles out there. Women with curly hair may think they’ve got to stick to forcing their hair up into a pony tail, but healthy looking curls absolutely shine in a number of different hairdo’s including buns and the bob! There’s absolutely no reason that well cared for curls can’t be cut and styled to look even better in some hair cuts than a straight-haired counterpart.


The absolute key to curly styles for medium hair is to make sure your hair is the perfect example of healthy. Make sure you’re using hair products that moisturize, protect and prep your curls. Invest in smoothing products that help to keep those little fly aways to a minimum, and air dry don’t hair dry. Lastly, get an anti-frizz spray to help give a little extra control as the day goes on!


It also helps women who are looking at curly hairstyles for medium hair to find a hair stylist that is used to working with curly hair. Not all stylists are equipped to deal with all levels of curl, so be sure whoever you’re working with is used to working with your type of hair and is comfortable exploring different cutting options. They should be encouraging you to try lengths that flatter you, not  lengths that they’re comfortable cutting!


Having curly hair can be a great thing! It gives natural body and movement to hair and with a great stylist you can have lots of freedom and the courage to try shorter, flirtier styles that you might not have tried before!

curly hairstyles for medium hair

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