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Cute Fishtail Braids

Cute fishtail braids are easy to do, especially if you have someone willing to help you! This type of hairstyle is excellent for dressing up or dressing down and with a few accessories can be perfect for a day out, a wedding, or just doing some house work. A type of french braid, cute fishtail braids can have just about anything woven into them from ribbons and strings to flowers.


When doing cute fishtail braids, remember that practice makes perfect. Getting any braid down takes practice, and learning to do an intricate braid like a fish tail, even though it’s simple to learn, requires practice to perfect.


There are three basic fishtail braids, the regular, the french and the side. The regular fishtail is started towards the neck, leaving the part of the hair natural. The french fishtail works a regular fishtail with a french braid on the top of the head. A side braid is a fishtail made from a side set ponytail.


Remember, there are some basic braid techniques that you should always keep in mind. The first is that straightening curly hair makes braiding easier. Secondly, braiding damp hair gives it more volume and curl when unbraided. Don’t ever use a standard rubber band in your hair. These rubber bands are way too harsh for regular hair and will damage and break it.


Struggling to get the braid down? Consider working on a partner first and then trying to braid your own hair. The more you practice the better you’ll get.

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