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Hairstyle for Fat Women

Saturday, October 5th 2013. | Beauty Styles, Hair Styles, Medium Hairstyles

Finding a good hairstyle for fat women can be a challenge. Often their natural face shape is hidden or barely peaking through, giving them a rounded version of the square, heart and oval shapes and further widening ovals and circles. Hair dressers and stylists are plied with demands for a slimming haircut that makes them look thinner, but the true key to a good hairstyle for fat women lies in more than just finding a style that flatters the face, they need a hairstyle that flatters the entire body.


The first thing to keep in mind is that having a fat face doesn’t necessarily mean you’re overweight and vice versa, just because you’re overweight doesn’t mean you have a fat face! So keeping body shape in mind is important when considering a new hairstyle and hair cut. You must remember that a haircut and style that are short on the top will often make the head look tiny on a larger body, but a longer style with full layers can go the other direction and make the whole body look larger.


The best hairstyle for fat women is one cut just about shoulder level with a few layers in it. This style is versatile; long enough to be warn up when it’s warm and down and dressy when it’s cool or you’re looking to go out and enjoy yourself. While the layer should definitely be tailored to the specific needs of your face, this style can work for any heavy-set woman looking for a great style that will slim her face and help her shine beautifully.

hairstyle for fat women

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