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Hairstyle Medium Length

Saturday, September 21st 2013. | Hair Styles, Medium Hairstyles

The perfect hairstyle of medium length is the “chop”. This shoulder length hairstyle is the perfect compromise between the short bob and hair that’s just too long to be flattering. In fact, a hairstyle of medium length is the most universally flattering hairstyle available!


Very popular, especially among women over thirty, the “chop” works for any face shape and body shape, flattering any hair type and texture. The key to this hairstyle lies in the length; not too long or too short, it should be cut at the collarbone or just above.


A cut ideal for the razor, this hairstyle of medium length should not but cut with scissors. Scissors make the edge of the cut too blunt and blunt cheapens the look of the cut and makes your hair look too heavy. Razor cutting the bottom and layers gives it a lighter appearance with lots of movement. It will be sexy, appealing and still a stand out look that will definitely garner attention.


Don’t be afraid to add a bit more of an edge with feathered, razored bangs. They are always flattering and a great way to accentuate your eyes or cheekbones. Angled bangs are an excellent choice as they draw attention to your eyes making them sparkle and stand out.


Hair cut in the “chop” doesn’t have to be all one length either. Layers can be cut into your hair to give volume and style, though these should be razored as well and should only fall below the chin so that they frame the face.


Curly hair can pull the “chop” off as well, just be sure you’re working with a stylist that knows how to safely razor cut hair without damaging the follicles.

hairstyle medium length

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