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Hairstyles for Short Hair for Women

Wednesday, September 25th 2013. | Bob Hairstyles, Hair Styles, Short Hairstyles

Hairstyles for short hair for women can be challenging depending on your face, body, and hair type as well as your hair texture. A style that looks good on one woman won’t always look good on you, even if you share a face shape. Body shape comes into play when you’re considering short hair as it changes the balance of your head on your body. Thankfully, short hair doesn’t have to mean super short unless you want it to. You have choices, from as short as the pixie or a crop to as long as a bob that comes to your chin or just a little below.


Those who feel confident going super short have the options of the crop and the pixie. A crop tends to be a little bit longer than a pixie, it has a little more room for styling and can even be cut with a bit of a fringe to it to help shorten a longer face. Pixies are a bit shorter, but you can ask to have the top cut a little longer so that you can style in some volume. Adding volume helps even those with a slightly larger body shape pull off a super short cut like a pixie because it helps to add height to the face and body, and pulls the eyes up to the hair and away from the face.


The bob is always an option for those seeking short hair and it’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for any woman. No more are the days where a bob means a harsh cut at the chin like a giant bowl around your face, now your stylist can add layers, color and turn your bob into a style that will highlight your best assets whether they be your eyes, lips or cheekbones.


All women should consider bangs when looking at a short hairstyle. Bangs are a great way to add movement and angles to a cut. They help to ground a cut on the different face shapes, shortening a longer face and giving more shape to a round face. Cut them a little longer and you accent your eyes, give them a blunt cut and you’ve got a daring style.

hairstyles for short hair for women

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