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Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Hair styles, short, for women over 50 can be difficult to find, but very important in helping your image and self-confidence. Picking hairstyles, short, when over 50 can be challenging; your body changes so much as you age it can be hard to figure out what short styles are best for aging features. Remember, a good haircut and style are as a good as a face lift and so much cheaper.

The key to what makes a good haircut is all in how you style it. Heavy duty products should be applied sparingly; too much can weigh hair down and make it appear dingy and unattractive. And be sure if you’re coloring your hair that you don’t skimp or go cheap. Go all the way and cover up the grey and make sure to maintain it. Greys and roots can ruin a good style! If you stay grey make sure you’re using brightening shampoos to give new life to your hair.

A layered hairstyle with smooth bangs give hair a youthful look without appearing too crazy. Flipping out your bob gives texture and volume to thin or fine hair; undercut for more volume. An asymmetrical, razored bob with bangs is a great option. razoring gives movement while the cut frames the face. spray with a light hairspray. Polished bobs are professional and stylish. pair with asymmetrical bangs to give some movement and to soften the look.

When choosing a hairstyle that is short for a woman over 50, look for styles that focus on your bone structure and life around the face through layers. Add natural highlights and textures. Don’t pick a hair style that takes more maintenance than you’re willing to give it. If you’re looking for a low maintenance, “wash and go” style try the pixie. If you have a your pixie razor cut, be sure the blade is new.

Lastly, protect your hair; after menopause hair can become thin and brittle due to the changes in hormones and needs to be protected more than when you were youthful.

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