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Light Hair Color

Monday, October 28th 2013. | Hair Color Ideas, Hair Styles

Light hair color is one of the easy coloring styles to perform with your hair. Light colors suit most skin tones, even those that are darker, and are easier to match to a skin tone without nearly as many coloring restrictions as the darker browns and blacks. Though the same basic rules apply, choosing light hair color is definitely an easy way to go when looking at different coloring options.

Remember to double-check any coloring decision with your stylist. If you don’t have a stylist, look online for a site that will allow you to upload an image of yourself so you can “try-on” different hair colors. It’s important to do this as, even with light hair colors, there are still some shades that won’t suit your skin tone. With lighter colors it’s slightly less of an issue as the colors are not quite as striking as the darks, but you always want to put your best foot forward when sporting a new style, and having hair that suits your skin is important.

A key to sporting light hair color is making sure that you don’t try to do one color all over. Unlike with the bolder colors such as red or purple, light hair colors look best when paired with low-lights and high-lights to give it some depth. This means you’ll probably want to avoid those striking white on white looks that are becoming in vogue. Opt, instead, for a more natural blonde or light brown that can be enhanced with streaks that are both lighter and darker. These will give the hair depth and movement that make it look stunning but natural.

light hair color

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