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Medium Brown Bob Haircut

Sunday, September 15th 2013. | Bob Hairstyles, Hair Styles, Medium Hairstyles

The bob was born in the early 1900’s when Irene Castle cut her hair into the first bob. it had a rebirth in the sixties when the Bob silhouette was restyled by London’s Vidal Sassoon. The basic style is still very popular today and has many variations. A medium brown bob haircut is an excellent choice for women with darker hair.

A structured a-line bob does serves brunette hair well, especially when the hair is highlighted. Bold highlights soften the structure of the bob giving it more lift and volume that sheer angles. A rounded and soft medium brown bob haircut with flipped layers does well with subtle shading. This adds dimension and volume, especially to fine hair. Remember that highlights and lowlights give color and depth to a medium brown bob haircut that can really come out in a layered hairstyle And don’t forget the razor cut layers to keep them even but flowing. Be sure you remind your stylist to use a new razor and only allow them to razor cut wet hair. Never let a stylist razor cut your hair while it is dry.

Try disconnected layers in your a-line bob. Layers cut like this can give you a bit of a punk rocker look, require little styling to keep their edge and look good on most women. Don’t like the punk look? This same style can be curled and will keep a bob cut from feeling overwhelming because the curls will have varying lengths and won’t just fill out your head.

A tousled, bed-head bob looks excellent with any hair color but brunettes can pull off depth and colors that really shine in the curls and waves. Tousled looks require little more than some styling spray and five minutes of scrunching to give the style life, body and height.

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