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Purple and Dark Brown Hair

Saturday, March 1st 2014. | Hair Color Ideas, Hair Styles

Purple and dark brown hair is a hair color combination that is sure to wow. You can go with an all over color that just hints at purple, use the brown as a base for a strong, deep purple, or work in streaks of purple that will function as highlights or low lights in your hair.


Using exotic hair colors with a natural hair tone is becoming a stylish and “in” thing to do, but you must be careful! It’s really easy to choose a color that contrasts with your skin tone, making you appear washed out or funny colored. Plus, you want to find a shade that matches your base brown tone. When choosing purple and dark brown hair, you want a base shade of brown that compliments your skin tone, and a shade of purple that compliments your hair color and your skin tone. Remember that exotic colors may wash out more easily than standard colors, so you’ll want a purple that still matches your base brown even when it’s faded.


A quick image search on a popular search engine for purple and brown hair comes up with a number of different coloring options, but one of the most striking and beautiful is the ombre coloring. Ombre coloring begins with a base brown at the crown of the head that then slowly fades into a stunning and elegant shade of purple towards the roots. The greatest benefit of ombre coloring is that it almost feels natural, which means it lends itself to natural styling and activities like haircuts that will slowly fade out the purple without constantly having to do touch ups. When the color is completely gone because your hair has grown out and it’s been trimmed away, you can just recolor completely, rather than having to constantly redo your roots!

purple and dark brown hair

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