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Round Face Hair Cuts

Thursday, September 5th 2013. | Hair Styles

If you like having your hair long, keep in mind that long cuts should be loose with face-framing layers that begin just past the chin. If curled, be sure to curl loosely and away from the face so that the eye is drawn away from the fullness.

If you’re a heavyset woman, consider the singer Adele for inspiration. Her retro lob, or long bob cut, is a great option. Have it cut with long layers and curl the bottoms with hot curlers or a wide curling iron. Be sure to finger brush the curls so they aren’t completely uniform. This balances the cut out, reducing the fullness of the face by bringing angles to the jawline and it doesn’t make your head appear too small for your body as other cuts might.

Bobs are a great option for most faces, including round faces, but if you’re looking for something shorter try a razor cut Pixie. Be sure to keep it volumized when styling as the extra height lengthens the face and gives it an oval shape rather than a round one.

Consider adding bangs to counter your face shape! Try angled bangs; they should start above the eyes and angle down to the cheekbones as they approach the hairline. This style of bang accentuates the eyes, taking focus away from plump cheebones. Side swept bangs are a great weapon against roundness. Have them cut long; mid cheek to mid-lip, then sweep to the side. they will accentuate cheek bones giving them definition. You can also go bold with blunt, straight cut bangs, just make sure they come down to your eyebrows when styled or they will shorten the face and make it appear rounder.

round face hair cuts

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