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Round Fat Faces Hairstyles

Round, fat faces hairstyles aren’t as difficult to come by as you may think. Though it’s certainly a bit more difficult for a women with a round, chubby face to find a style that flatters them than it might be for a thinner faced women, there are any number of ways to highlight and accentuate your features so that you look beautiful as well.


With some simple tricks getting great round fat faces hairstyles isn’t a challenge that will cost you more than a few minutes more in front of the mirror in the morning. The key to choosing a hairstyle is to remember that there is more to your body than just your face, and that even the lay of the features of your face can affect what hairstyles look good and which aren’t as well suited for you! For example, women with features that are closer together can get away with longer, layered hairstyles and women with features set wider apart can pull off a short hairstyle because it helps to balance their faces. Similarly, a women who has a round, fat face but is thinner in body can pull off larger hair than a woman who is both heavy-set and round faced!


When looking at round fat faces hairstyles, remember that something as simple as changing your part can do all the work of an expensive haircut and style. Parting down the middle often frames a round face, while a side part cuts across and adds angles that help to highlight features such as the eyes.


The key to any round face hairstyle is remembering to bring in angles. Whether your bring them through longer, side-swept bangs, layers or curls, that is the key to a style that accentuates your eyes and cheekbones, one that slims your features, and one that makes you look good.

round fat faces hairstyles

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