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Short Hair with Highlights

Sunday, February 23rd 2014. | Hair Color Ideas, Hair Styles

Short hair with highlights is daring and striking. You can pull of bolder colors because short hair is bold all by itself! It’s an excellent length for stunning combinations, but it can be tricky to balance natural coloring so you’ll want to be sure you’ve got a good stylist on hand to help you out!


Coloring short hair with highlights is pretty common and the length doesn’t prevent you from trying things out either! You can add streaks, frost the tips, highlight, low light and do any combination of these! Short hair is trendy and fashionable; millions of women are wearing their hair short and loving it!


It’s important to work with a good stylist when considering short hair with highlights, especially if a natural look is important to you. Knowing how wide to make the highlights is critical in making sure your hair doesn’t look like a home-dye job but as natural as possible.


Combining highlights and low lights in short hair can give some interesting and beautiful effects. Frosting your hair, for example, can allow you to leave an overlay on your hair that shimmers when the sun hits it! No matter what length of short hair you’re sporting, you can color yourself beautiful with a perfect highlighting job.


Coloring your hair should be done carefully. It is important to pick colors that compliment your skin tone and won’t wash you out or make you appear a funny yellow or green color. Each hair color comes in a number of shades and tones, so talking with your stylist about the look you want and which shades look best with your skin is important!

short hair with highlights

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