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Short Razored Layered Haircuts

Wednesday, August 28th 2013. | Hair Styles, Short Hairstyles

Short razored layered haircuts are excellent for women of all ages! A razored cut gives more movement, redefines the texture of your hair, thins out thick hair and allows for beautiful, soft layers. Short hairstyles like the pixie and the bob are excellent for razored layers as the cut gives the looks a wispy, jagged look that requires little styling before it’s ready to go.

A razored hairstyle is created by using a straight-edged razor with a guard on the hair. Unlike with scissors, the razor slices through the hair giving it a wispy rather than blunt look. This thins the strands, giving thick hair less weight and thin hair more volume.

Be careful when considering short razored layered haircuts, however. Be sure that you use a hairdresser that knows the hair must be wet before it can be cut. The blade should be very sharp; a blunt blade can damage hair. Razored cuts also require regular maintenance. The hairs are all cut at different lengths, so the style can become shaggy looking very quickly.

Women with all different hair types can enjoy short razored layered haircuts, even women with curly hair! Despite popular belief, curly haired women will not suffer from their hair becoming super frizzy and unmanageable as long as they remember a few simple things: cuts should be made with the natural curl of the hair and not against it, use a leave-in conditioner to manage frizz, and regularly maintain the style to keep growth under control.

If you have straight hair, you can enjoy these cuts as “wash and wear” styles. They are ready to go as soon as you pop out of the shower!

Short Razored Layered Haircuts

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