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Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles 2013

Sunday, March 31st 2013. | Bob Hairstyles

Performance of a woman not just scrutiny of clothes she wore her hair but also models. Because models and hair style do you have will also affect the appearance of your face. Remember the phrase “hair is a crown?” That’s right phrase, because of the hair will be reflected in your overall character. One model hairstyles women who always are timeless bob hairstyle. Bob hairstyle that is durable can be applied to every type of face. The secret is to understand the type of your face as well as aligning it with a bob type face. Therefore it is good to look at bob hair style tips to always be able to look at the gorgeous bob your hair. The following are tips hairstyles bob hairstyles for each type of face, to look fit:

1. Type a round face.
Leave a rounded bob haircut or expand in order to avoid getting his round face look. Leave a bob hair style also is too full alias volume on the area around the cheeks. Instead, stay away from that bob hairstyle is also too soft or too flat. As well, should not use asymmetric bob hairstyle (long side) because it will increasingly focus the view on the cheek area. It’s good, you use a bob hairstyle that has cutouts form a smooth layer or trap, starting from the bottom side to side in order to present slimming effect. Hair long and use at least until the chin or shoulder length.

2. Oval face type.
Display face which includes this perfect, makes you more flexibility to determine the way to go bob hairstyle. Oval face looks long inclines. To finish, use a bob hairstyle that contains the side door or the cropped bob, under the chin or ears. If your forehead width, it is recommended to use the bob haircut that has bangs, whether it is full or bangs bangs thin.

3. Long face type.
Face gaunt form an impressive level or sharp can be softened by using a bob hairstyle that has volume on the side or through the creating side bangs. Utilization layer on the side area or adding waves or curls can also be used in order to make the face look volume. Leave a sort of long bob hairstyle shoulder length bob, in order to avoid a face that is even longer.

4. Face type box.
Face stiff impressive box can be softened using a volume on the top or side of the head. Leave a bob hairstyle using a firm with no layer or trap and leave a short bob hair style or a bob that falls just right on the jaw.Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles 2013
Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles 2013
If you do want to brave a bob for the first time, or return to one this year, do consider that there are a few options in terms of length. One such option is a long bob, or shoulder-length bob.

shoulder length inverted bob Hairstyles

shoulder length inverted bob Hairstyles

Here is the tips about Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles 2013 : Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles 2013
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