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Simple Elegant Wedding

Saturday, September 28th 2013. | Wedding Styes

Having a simple elegant wedding is important to most, if not all, brides and grooms. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. With the economy affecting almost everyone in some way or another, affording an incredibly expensive wedding is difficult. You can still have an elegant wedding, however without spending lots of money. Think simple, think elegant and you can have a wonderful wedding.


The first step to putting together the perfect simple elegant wedding is to discuss what is most important to both you and your fiance. Write out everything that you want at your wedding, prioritize it, and then compare your list to your fiancĂ©’s. Figure out what you want handled by professionals and what you think you can handle yourself. By limiting the number of things you have to pay a professional to do, you can afford a bit more on the finer details such as decorations or gifts.


The next major way you can cut back on cost is to chose an off-season date. Avoid spring and summer, definitely avoid the month of June, and go for something in the fall or winter. You can get discounts on everything from vendors to hotel rooms because they’re struggling to find work during these times of the year. And you can have a simple elegant wedding no matter what season!


Simple decorations are another great way to cut back. Do-it-yourself options are a great way to save, as are home-made invitations, and even flea-market buys. In-season flowers are another money saver. These flowers can be purchased from more local nurseries which saves on import costs. Trying to save on your gown? Consider renting, buying used, or getting it from a trunk show. Even buying a floor model is a great way to save a few extra dollars on that perfect wedding dress.

simple elegant wedding

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