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Simple Vintage Dresses

Monday, September 30th 2013. | Fashion Styles, Trends Styles

Simple vintage dresses are starting to make a comeback. These past favorites are finding homes amongst collectors and style guru’s who enjoy quality work, classic designs and saving their pennies.

There are, however, important steps to consider when buying simple vintage dresses. What era, for example do you like and which dresses from that era suit you? Is your style more classic? Are the clothes you’re looking at suitable for everyday use? These questions all must be answered before you can begin shopping for simple vintage dresses.

Most vintage dresses between 1920 and 1970 will be suitable to wear, though you’ll want to be careful to check for quality. Anything before 1960 is more likely to be well-tailored and less likely to be mass produced. This ups the quality of the clothing making it likely to last longer.

Be sure you check the clothing for quality. Avoid anything with bleach stains, ripped seams and any other flaws or blemishes. Only consider these items if you know you can mend them yourself and are willing to. Things to look out for including insect damage, fading, odors and stains, and general wear and tear. Also important is the ability to try things on. Vintage clothing was often tailored to the specific wearer based on what decade you’re buying and that can alter the shape of a garment.

The last major consideration is your price range. In general well-known vintage designers will cost more than those who are still unknown. Get to know shops and shop owners so that you can get the best deals and be aware of when new items come into the stores to look at.


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