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Thin Hair Styles

Thinning hair is a problem for both men and women and finding thin hair styles can be a challenge. You want your hairstyle to compliment your body, your face and work with your hair texture and fullness. If you have thin hair, finding a good style that suits all the other aspects of your appearance can definitely be a challenge.


Most thin hair styles focus on making your hair look thicker, and that’s the best place to start. It’s easier to deal with face and body features than it is to get your hair looking full and thick. One great way for women to add body is to curl big, thick curls into the hair. Make sure you use a curling iron at least an inch wide to give hair fullness and bounce. Good waves will also do the same thing, but waves do better in short hair where there is less weight to pull them out.


Try a bob with blunted ends. It can help hair look thicker, but be sure to add movement with bangs and have them cut at an angle. Or try a razored lob. The key with these cuts, however, is to limit layering which makes the hair look thinner.


Men suffering from thinning hair should consider shaggy layers if they are just beginning to suffer from thinning hair.

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