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Top Hairstyles for Long Hair

Tuesday, November 5th 2013. | Hair Styles, Long Hairstyles

Getting older makes it harder for women to pull of long hair. Having an idea of the top hairstyles for long hair gives them a variety of styles to try out and see what works for them. If you’re looking for some ideas of top hairstyles for long hair that you can pull together at home in minutes, check out some of these suggestions and see what work for you!


Braids and ponytails aren’t reserved for the playground anymore. In fact they’re making quite a comeback on adults with side-braids, fish tail braids and french braids leading the parade. Though braids are certainly youthful, they don’t have to look young, and they’re a style that can only be pulled off successfully with long hair.


Looking for a hairstyle that you can roll out of bed and pull together? Consider some of the simpler bed-head looks. Just get a sea-salt spritz and spray into your hair, then scrunch from tips to roots and you’re ready to go. This style can be swept to the side, left parted in the middle, and if you think it’s something you’ll wear often you can consider ombre coloring your hair to give it some stunning excitement.


Already have layers but want more variation in length? Add bangs. Many of the top hairstyles for long hair simply have variations in the bangs or fringe that are being worn. And with blunt, side-swept, straight and a number of other variations you have more than enough styles and cuts to choose from.


One of the benefits of having longer hair is you can play at making it short. Consider doing a faux bob by tucking the hair up underneath itself so it looks like it’s cut short. Or, consider doing large curls. Curls shorten the length and add vibrancy to any hair type.

top hairstyles for long hair

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