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Women’s Haircuts

Women’s haircuts can be a challenge for women and stylists alike. Finding the perfect haircut to flatter not just a woman’s face but her body type can, at times, be difficult as what flatters one may likely not flatter the other. Add in coloring options and styling considerations and you have a difficult challenge to master.

The key to successful women’s haircuts is choosing a stylist that works for you. You want to be sure to find a stylist that knows how to work with your hair texture and that you can get along with. A relationship with your stylist should be considered long term, they will get to know your hair and your likes and dislikes best if you work with them consistently. Don’t be afraid to ask if a stylist has experience working with curly hair, thinning hair or thick hair. Find out if they’re used to working with short or long cuts and what they’re most comfortable coloring.

Doing research on which women’s haircuts will best suit your body and face is also a great way to guarantee success. Use changing room programs that you can find online to “try on” different hairstyles and hair colors, then print off the pictures that you like and take them in with you. Though the colors may not be completely identical, in the hands of your stylist you can rest assured that you will be getting a hair cut and color that suits your complexion and is something you want to wear.

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