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Black Hair with Blue Tint

Thursday, October 10th 2013. | Beauty Styles, Hair Color Ideas, Hair Styles, Trends Styles

Black hair with blue tint is a difficult color for most people to pull off. Jet black hair comes in many shades, just as blonde, all of which can be matched to different skin tones. Picking the right shade of black for your hair is important, as the wrong shade can make you appear too pale, or too flushed. Some shades can make you appear yellow and others, such as black hair with blue tint, can make you look green!

If you’re considering black hair with blue tint, you will want to keep your skin tone under consideration. Those with a darker skin tone will want to avoid the blue tint because it will give their skin a greenish coloring.

Blue tinted black hair is one of the most highly sought black hair colors because of the romantic and mysterious air it gives the woman wearing it. But it sadly isn’t suitable for everyone. Those with pale skin tones should always be wary of wearing jet black hair. It can be too stark a contrast for pale skin, washing them out and highlighting any redness in their face.

Do you have blue or grey eyes? black hair that’s been tinted blue is definitely a color option you should consider. When the light strikes your hair it will highlight your eyes, and black hair always helps pale eyes pop!

Be sure you discuss with your stylist what the best hair color is for your hair and complexion, and remember, black hair fades quickly and easily. You will need to re-color every four weeks. Also, you will want to bear in mind that even blue-black hair will fade out into a reddish color between colorings.

black hair with blue tint


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