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Black with Red Bridesmaid Dresses

The old saying ‘never wear black to a wedding’ is beginning to fall by the wayside. Brides looking for a way to make a bold statement are exploring any number of darker colors, from deep reds and blues to purples and even sultry black. What better way to have your bridal party stand out amongst the party goes than black with red bridesmaid dresses?

Pairing black with red gives your wedding an elegant appearance. Though it’s far from traditional, it’s hardly reserved for alternative or “goth” weddings. You can easily find black with red bridesmaid dresses that meet your requirements for style and appearance.

Remember, you don’t have to have a black and red dress to have black with red bridesmaid dresses. There are any number of ways to combine the two colors so that you are happy with the results. If you’re unsure of what you want, consider a standard “little black dress” style, allow your bridesmaids to choose a dress that flatters them, and then accessorize with red. Everything from hair bands, to flowers, to shoes can be used to bring that bold streak of red to your wedding ensemble.

The key to choosing any bridesmaid style is to remember who your bridesmaids are and to embrace their individuality. Gone are the days of forcing every bridesmaid into a dress that only suits your Maid or Matron of Honor. It is now totally in vogue to choose a different style or range of styles for your bridesmaids to choose from, or better yet to let them choose a dress from your designer that is the color you want it to be.

black with red bridesmaid dresses

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