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Black and Red Dresses

Black and red dresses are dramatic and exciting. If you’re looking for a dress that will wow and amaze, black and red dresses are definitely the way to go. And don’t worry, you don’t have to commit to a certain style or length skirt! Dresses sporting a black and red combo come in casual, dressy and formal styles and varying lengths!


The first step in choosing a dress that is black and red is to decide which color you want as your prominent color. This means, really, deciding on if you want to wear a red dress or a black dress; you can then decide how much of the other color you want as an accent to your actual dress.


In many cases, choosing black as the foundation color of your dress gives you a few more options than going with a red dress that is accented in black. The ‘little black dress’ is a style staple, so choosing black gives you the ability to go for ‘little black dress’ types of dresses that are then spiced up with red accents.


In fact, when choosing black and red dresses, it may be a cost-effective choice to look at simply buying a ‘little black dress’ in a style that suits both you and your budget. You can then look into price-savvy accents in your preferred shade of red. Consider adding a red shawl or belt to your dress to get that streak of stunning red. If you’re a more hand-craft savvy person, you can even consider adding red lace to your hem or neck line, adding a red lace overlay to your skirts, or tacking some bold red trim to your sleeves!

black and red dresses

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