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Blonde Color Ideas

Saturday, November 2nd 2013. | Hair Color Ideas, Hair Styles

Blonde color ideas make for naturally striking hair. With so many shades, from platinum blonde to honey blonde, it’s possible to pull together hair color ideas that are stunning, completely natural-looking and totally beautiful. Almost any woman can pull off blonde hair in some form or another, especially if she uses blonde color ideas that mix darker, natural blonde such as honey blonde, with the lighter naturals like platinum. Remember, the key to a truly stunning but natural look is to keep in mind that most adults do not naturally have white-blonde hair.

Because there are so many shades of blonde hair, it’s possible to do all your coloring techniques, highlights, low lights, and even ombre coloring entirely out of different shades of blonde. This can keep you from falling into the trap of making your hair too light, whilst still giving you that stunning starlet glow that you desire.

While long hair may be easier to blend, naturally stunning blonde color ideas can also be done for short hair. The key to pulling them off if you have short hair is to make sure you keep your roots covered. Because there is less length to trick the eye, short hair is less forgiving than long hair and will need to be touched up more often. Almost every woman has wanted to be a blonde at some point in her life, and by keeping these style and colors tips and tricks in mind, you can pull off a totally natural look every time.

blonde color ideas

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