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Blue Engagement Rings for Women

Blue engagement rings for women have seen a spike in popularity in recent years. Since 2006, sapphires have, in fact, increased in popularity by 36%. Indeed, sapphire rings in particular have long been a favourite of royalty, from Napoleon and Josephine to Charles and Diana, and more recently William and Kate. But if a sapphire is just a little bit out of your price range, there are many other blue gems to choose from. When choosing blue engagement rings for women, be sure that you speak to your partner and maybe do a little window shopping online so you know what style, what setting, and what price you and your partner are willing to pay.


When considering a blue stone for an engagement ring, the mind most frequently turns to sapphires. There are, however, other options in a variety of shades of blue. Aquamarines, for example, vary in color from pale blue to light green, while iolite offers bold violet blues and light blues. Another great option is the topaz. Though most people don’t consider this to be a blue stone, it comes in a variety of colors including blue, yellow, red, green and brown. However be careful, as exposure to extreme heat can change the color of this gem!


Another excellent option is tanzanite. This is available in beautiful sapphire blue, violet or sage green, but is brittle and absolutely must not be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner or it will shatter. If you’re looking for something truly unique consider lapis lazuli. Although this stone doesn’t have the same transparent beauty of other gems, the best quality comes in a deep azure blue and it flecked with pyrite. If you’re looking for unique blue engagement rings for women, consider shopping at an alternative source such as Etsy, where you can get a custom ring built to your specifications in a unique setting.

blue engagement rings for women

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