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Bob Hairstyles for Long Hair

Tuesday, January 21st 2014. | Bob Hairstyles, Hair Styles, Long Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles for long hair, also known as Lobs or long bobs, are ever increasing in popularity. The length makes them ideal for women who want a modern look that suits both work and play without the hassle of tedious styling. Lobs suit most faces and have the length to be pulled up, and enough variety to be worn down.


The perfect bob hairstyles for long hair are cut between the shoulders and the collar bone making them just a little longer than a medium cut and a little shorter than a standard long cut. This length makes coloring options such as ombre coloring ideal for these cuts as there is enough length to really fade two or three colors together while making it appear completely natural!


The length of lobs also makes them great for wavy hair. Pull thick, wavy hair away from the face and let your length shine with just a little bit of hairspray! If you want the wavy look but have straight hair, curl a few sections of hair away from the face, loosely, then spray all together.


Bob hairstyles for long hair are also the perfect hairstyles for asymmetrical bob cuts. This is a daring cut in which one side of the hair is cut longer than the other, however it can also be mocked with hair that is all one length! If the asymmetrical lob is appealing to you for a night out, just give your hair a deep part to one side and pin or spray into place. This will give one side of your hair extra length, while leaving the other side your regular length. It simulates the daring style of the asymmetrical bob, but gives you the versatility to return to your standard cut in the morning!


bob hairstyles for long hair

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