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Brides Maid Dress

Choosing the perfect brides maid dress is every brides worst nightmare. Finding one style that suits every woman in your entourage is such a hassle, and you don’t want to be “that bride” who dressed every one of her brides maids in the worst dress possible. Tradition dictates that the brides maid dress should be the same for each and every woman, but modern brides are throwing tradition out the door.

Don’t stress about your brides maids! Thanks to modern conveniences it’s now perfectly possible to pick the color and let your girls go shopping for their own dress. Sure, you can still have control. Choose the length, color, or a group of styles for them to choose from. This lets your brides maids pick a dress that suits their style and their body shape while still fitting in with your dress and your theme for your wedding.

Letting the girls in your group choose their brides maid dress takes a lot of the stress off you and it allows you to set a budget for them so that they can afford to get their dress themselves; but be kind. Always try to pick styles that are price savvy so that your girls can afford to be a part of your special day without breaking the bank. One kind turn deserves another and this simple rule of thumb may help you save a few dollars if you are asked to be a part of their day.

Putting together the look for your attendants can be a hassle, but with smart choices you can take away a lot of the stress and enjoy your special day.

brides maid dress

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