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Butterfly Engagement Ring

Finding your partner a unique engagement ring can be difficult. Choosing a ring is difficult enough, but finding one ring that symbolizes everything your partner means to you is even harder. This is why unique, shaped rings, such as a butterfly engagement ring, are becoming so popular. Even designers like Vera Wang are getting in on the trend!

With a butterfly engagement ring you have options. Don’t think there is only one style of ring out there with butterflies on it! You’ll have almost as many choices when choosing a butterfly ring as you would choosing an ordinary diamond ring.

Is your fiancée someone who enjoys colored stones? Don’t believe for one second that choosing a uniquely shaped ring disqualifies you from finding a butterfly engagement ring that also sports some beautiful colored stones. Depending on the style of ring you choose, you can color the wings of your butterfly, color the entire butterfly, or color the stone surrounded by butterflies. It’s all about what you feel suits your fiancée best!

Don’t like stones at all? Maybe your partner is one who enjoys filigree and metalwork. There are engagement rings sporting butterflies out there for you as well. Sometimes finding work like this takes a little fancy hunting, however. Try artisan home sites like Etsy where you’re more likely to find a crafter willing to make you a custom ring that speaks to both you and your partner.

Lastly, check out colored metals. This can be a simply and subtle way to bring color and uniqueness to your rings’ style. A little rose gold can go miles!

butterfly engagement ring

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