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Glasses Styles
When choosing a style for yourself there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Looking good requires more than well fitting clothing and the proper hairstyle, everything
Saturday, March 1st 2014 | Fashion Styles, Trends Styles
Bridesmaid Dress Images
Finding good bridesmaid dress images is the best way to help pick and choose what types of bridesmaid dresses are going to look best on your attendants. Being able
Black Hair with Blue Tint
Black hair with blue tint is a difficult color for most people to pull off. Jet black hair comes in many shades, just as blonde, all of which can
Thursday, October 10th 2013 | Beauty Styles, Hair Color Ideas, Hair Styles, Trends Styles
Simple Vintage Dresses
Simple vintage dresses are starting to make a comeback. These past favorites are finding homes amongst collectors and style guru’s who enjoy quality work, classic designs and saving their
Monday, September 30th 2013 | Fashion Styles, Trends Styles
Style for Women
Finding your style is important and difficult. Picking the right style for women can be a challenge and a journey of self discovery. You want to find things that
Thursday, September 26th 2013 | Beauty Styles, Fashion Styles, Trends Styles
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