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Curled Half Up Hairstyles

Monday, December 23rd 2013. | Hair Styles, Long Hairstyles, Medium Hairstyles

Curled half up hairstyles are sexy and beautiful. Half-up hairstyles by themselves are a relaxed, yet formal way of styling your hair; easy to do in just a few minutes and yet classy enough to wear out to dinner on a date or special occasion. Curled half up hairstyles are best suited to those with medium to long hair as it gives the length necessary to weigh the curls down and keep the style under control.


The key to curled half up hairstyles is make sure your curls are sleek and not wild and frizzy. Half up hairstyles will work with any type of curl, loose or tight. Remember, the goal is to let the curl speak for itself and make it the star of the style while still staying classy; let those longer curls accent the features of your face!


Try softly pinning the curls so that they still hang loosely around your face. This shows off your layers and any coloring you’ve had done, while still giving the appearance of hair that has been left completely down. It lets you frame your face in a way that suits you best.


If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, try pinning your curls to the side and draping them over your shoulder. You can accent this style with a braid at the front of the hairline to add another layer of class if you desire. Or, slick back the top and let the curls come together in the back. The cascade of curls stretching luxuriously down your back is sure to draw only the best attention.

curled half up hairstyles

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