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Curly Long Bob Hairstyles

Monday, January 13th 2014. | Bob Hairstyles, Hair Styles, Long Hairstyles

Curly long bob hairstyles are a great way to get a sexy, tousled look that everyone can appreciate. Bob hairstyles are well suited to curly hair and if cut properly by a stylist used to working with curly and wavy hair you can avoid the ‘afro’ look. Plus, long bobs have the luxury of being cut as low as the collarbone and this extra weight can help to weigh down tight curls.


When considering a bob, don’t let curly hair deter you from razor cuts. You can have beautiful curly long bob hairstyles that have been razor cut as long as your stylist knows how to cut with a razor. Make sure they only cut with the curl, and only with a fresh blade on wet hair. Depending on the thickness of your hair, they may want to change out the blade halfway through in order to ensure that your hair isn’t damaged.


Curly long bob hairstyles are sported by many celebrities in styles that are both tight and wavy. They look simple, yet sophisticated and are a perfect look for a late night out with a classy guy or gal. By choosing a long bob hairstyle you can even explore seductive options like the asymmetrical bob and leave curls hanging low on one side of your face while they are shorter and more playful on the other.


Long hairstyles for curly hair aren’t hard to come by, but bob hairstyles really flatter most face shapes and are ideal in terms of maintenance for most women. Try a long, curly bob hairstyle today!

curly long bob hairstyles

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