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Cuts for Curly Hair

Choosing cuts for curly hair can be a bit challenging. Curly haired girls are often discouraged from trying new things because their hair can be unruly, frizzy and out of control. If your hair is curly and wavy, there are styles out there for you!


While most people might discourage someone with thick curly hair from going for short cuts for curly hair, it is more than okay to go super short! A graduated pixie suits an unruly main beautifully. Just apply a little frizz-control product and let air dry into its own shape and you’ve got a beautiful style all your own.


Like the look of bobs? Try a LOB or long bob. Cuts for curly hair aren’t just limited to¬† one length, so be sure you ask for a wedge cut with graduated layers. It looks stunning and even helps to slim a rounder face!


Like the look of a shag but feel your curls are just too unruly to work? Don’t worry! The shag is all about controlled chaos. Have your hair razor cut to get the wispy look at the ends, and then use a little bit of product to keep the curl from getting frizzy or unruly and out of control.


Remember that the key to choosing cuts for curly hair is to find a stylist that is used to working with your level of curl and your hair texture. They shouldn’t be afraid to razor cut, make your hair short and encourage you to utilize layers if you want your hair to stay long!

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