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Dark Brown/ Red Hair

Monday, December 9th 2013. | Hair Color Ideas, Hair Styles

Dark brown/ red hair is a beautiful combination of colors that both brunette’s and red heads can pull off with ease. Many brown hair colors have undertones of red that make pairing their dark brown/ red hair with red highlight and low lights a thing of ease. Likewise, you can auburn up a bright red hair coloring job with just a few low lights of brown to bring it down into a more natural hair color if that’s what you’re looking for.


Auburn hair is a perfect mix of dark brown/ red hair, but you don’t want to leave your head covered in one all-over shade. Make sure you talk with your stylist about adding highlights and low lights to your hair to give it depth and volume. Adding high lights and low lights to hair gives it a more natural look and glow. These differences in color are found in your natural hair color and should be ‘copied’ in a good coloring job. Remember, no one has one single color in their natural hair.


There are a number of dark brown and red hair color options and combinations out there to explore. Remember to look at colors that suit your everyday life, don’t require too much upkeep and suit your skin tone. If you’re craving something that’s out there, but have to stick to something a bit more ‘normal’ due to work or school obligations, remember that highlights and low lights can bring almost any color back into the realm of natural.


When considering bright and bold colors, remember that red hair especially tends to fade very quickly and that brown hair tends to fade red. You may end up with contrasting shades of red if you’re not careful and don’t maintain your hair color.

dark brown/red hair

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