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Deep Red Hair Colors

Saturday, September 7th 2013. | Beauty Styles, Hair Color Ideas, Hair Styles

Deep red hair colors are becoming quite popular thanks to celebrities like Rihanna who have been seen sporting beautiful and deeply colored red hair. While red hair has been popular for some time, these deep red hair colors are really beginning to take off. Color enthusiasts should be careful, however. Few people can pull off certain deep red hair colors; always try to stay as natural as possible when dying your hair!

Hair colors are scaled based on lightess to darkness in most cases, so that you can decide how light or dark you’d like your hair. Red hair, however, is scaled based on levels and tones including dark, light, warm and cool. This means there is a shade of red hair for nearly any skin tone. Be warned! Red hair coloring washes out easily and will need to be recolored every 3-4 weeks in order to keep it looking beautiful. Before getting it colored be sure it’s in good condition. After it’s colored wash at most every other day, avoid harsh shampoos, get a to-go kit or boosting glaze, and sunscreen your hair with a hat or scarf.

With so many shades of red to choose from, it isn’t difficult to pick a deep or darker tone. Just be sure you choose reds that have the same understones as your skin. If you want a natural look go for something based brown this will add natural richness. Light skin tones should go with strawberry blondes to copper and should avoid wine-colored and burgundy. Medium skin tones should stick to coppery and auburn shades; darker eggplant hues will make them appear yellow. Darker skin tones can play with the deeper auburns but must be careful with the really red hues as those can make them appear green.

Be careful choosing the purple reds; they rarely look good on anyone and instead can cause you to look green or yellow.

If you’ve seen a lighter color you like, you can get the lighter tones in a deep red by picking hues such as garnet and ruby which look more natural while still being stunning.

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