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Fashionable Men’s Haircuts

Tuesday, October 15th 2013. | Beauty Styles, Hair Styles, Mens Hairstyles

Fashionable mens haircuts are easy to find. Men, in general, cut their hair shorter than women, making the number of choices much simpler for them. For men, the greatest concern in getting a cut that looks good is finding a style that suits both their hair texture and their facial structure. Because men’s cuts tend to be short, heavier men will want to look at cuts with height so that their faces are a bit longer appearing.


Whether your hair is thick or thin, going for a textured hairstyle is a great choice for fashionable mens haircuts. Texture helps to eliminate bulk for those with curly, heavy hair, while giving volume and movement to men whose hair may be thinner and finer. Be sure to discuss a good product with your stylist so that you can make the most of your layers. They should be razored and thinned so that there is movement and height when styled.


If your hair is on the thicker side, take a note from Beckham’s book and consider shaving the sides but leaving the top a bit longer to be styled. Have your stylist fade the nape of your neck and your sideburns, but then taper upwards as they reach the top of the head. Have them show you how to texture your hair upward and forward. This style is great for those without a lot of time. After all, not everyone has hours to spend on fashionable mens haircuts, and this one takes just a few minutes out of the shower to style and have ready to go.

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