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Haircut with Short Sides and Long Top

Saturday, August 31st 2013. | Mens Hairstyles

Today’s men’s hairstyles are being inspired by the popular television shows, Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. And the classic with haircut short sides, long top from the 1930’s, has been given a modern rebirth. Also known as “hipster” hair, this cut can be slicked back, scattered messily, or styled into the cut made famous by Elvis known as the “quiff”.

The key to sporting this easy to individualize cut, is to pick a top style that matches your look. England former footballer/soccer player David Beckham has sported ten different variations of the hairstyle over the years but the basics, haircut short sides, long top, have stayed the same.

Most styles require some product though the type and amount of product depends on how firm you want your look to appear.

The greatest benefit to haircut short sides, long top is how versatile it is. You can cut the sides and back close to the scalp and have more definition from the top to help pull off looks like the pompadour. Use a styling gel to give your hair height and a bit of a wave to get this suave look rocking.

Styles that are great for work and grabbing a drink aftwards are the touchable, full top and wavy top. Boyish but classy, these styles use just a little product to produce a look that is perfect professional for the office, while still looking cool enough for a party after work!

Men sporting these styles should head into their salon or barber every five to six weeks to keep the style looking clean.

haircut short sides long top

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