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Layered Hairdos

When choosing layered hairdos, it’s not uncommon to look at celebrities. Many celebrities have chosen layered hairstyles because of their versatility; you can look classy or casual with just a flip of the hairbrush when you have layers! Here are some of the most popular layered hairdos!


No list of celebrity layered hairstyles can be called complete without mentioning the layered bob-style cut Jennifer Aniston wore in the TV show Friends – The Rachel. It’s layers helped to soften the angles of her face, brought attention to her eyes and is still a well-known style for women.


Want something shorter? Both Winona Ryder and Halle Berry have sported short, textured hair. When colored well, short styles can really pop and they suit most face shapes, especially if you take advantage of its versatility. A short, layered hairdo can, for example, be use to elongate and thin out a round face!


Don’t be afraid to keep your hair long if you texture with a few layers. Long layered hairdos can be perfectly complimentary as seen on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, and Sienna Miller. Layers can be cut as short as the chin and then blended back into the hair to give flattering lines to any face. Plus, long hair has the advantage of being worn both up and down depending on the occasion!


If you’re considering a layered hairstyle, spend a little time searching through celebrity photos to see if any of their trendy and cutting edge styles appeal to you. You can take a photo in to your stylist when you find one you like and discuss how the cut will look on you!

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