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Leggings Fashion Casual

Tuesday, May 14th 2013. | Trends Styles

leggings fashion casual
Leggings, tights are now popular and used a lot of people. If you can wear it properly, leggings will make you look perfect. So try to see some Tips and How to wear Leggings Under Body Shape as quoted from She Knows following.

High body

Show off your legs with leggings paired with a short skirt or long dress transparent. Oversized shirt combined with leggings and boots will make you look cool.

Petite body

Meanwhile, for women with a body shape that is not too high to use the jegging (a combination of jeans and leggings) high-heeled boots. Better to choose a dark color and matching with the shoes. The same color to make appearances on the long line of visual focus so you’ll look taller.

Hourglass body

The ideal female body shape hourglass is suitable to wear anything. But you should still cover the buttocks with a fairly long shirt. Pair leggings with a plain color or a patterned dress to support otherwise perfect appearance.

Pear body

Women with pear shape means that the small shoulders and big hips. You might think leggings are not suitable for use with female body pear. In fact you can combine ankle leggings along with dresses and a cardigan or jacket to balance the body shape.

Thus article about Tips Women Fashion Tips and How to wear leggings Body Shape As on this occasion.

winter leggings fashion

winter leggings fashion

Here is the tips about Leggings Fashion Casual : Leggings Fashion Casual

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