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Long, Curly, Shaggy Hairstyles

Wednesday, September 4th 2013. | Hair Styles, Long Hairstyles

Long curly shaggy hairstyles are definitely beginning to make a fashion comeback. The shag hairstyle first made its rebellious appearance in the 1970’s and was most noteably seen on Jane Fonda. Unlike that wild but still carefully styled shag, the modern shag is more relaxed and natural, making it a good option for everyone, even those with curly hair.

There are some things to make sure you do if you’re considering a long, curly, shaggy hairstyle. Make sure the cut works with the natural coil this adds balancing weight, unifies frizz and gives the curls space. The modern shag is more rumpled and natural, softening and modernizing curls. Consider getting your curls razor cut. This gives a softer edge and is perfectly safe for curls if you have a stylist that is used to working with curly hair. Also, be sure that the blade is new; a dulled blade can easily damage hair.

It’s important, if you’re considering a long, curly, shaggy hairstyle, to look for stylists that are comfortable with both curly hair and textured hair for the best results. The best way to ensure a ruined curly hair haircut is finding a stylist that doesn’t know to cut with the curl, and isnt used to dealing with the thickness and other unique features of curly hair.

Give some help to your cut by using a little product. Try a curl definer or a leave in conditioner. This will help to give the curls less frizz and more bounce making your style absolutely POP.

long curly shaggy hairstyles

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