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Best Long Hairstyles

Thursday, January 30th 2014. | Hair Styles, Long Hairstyles

The best long hairstyles for women are a mixture of chic and alluring; modern and trendy while leaving that air of romanticism and wonder. Long hair is often discouraged amongst older women, but you can style it in a way that is modern, flattering and sophisticated. Spend some time with your stylist to and try out these different shaping ideas.


Front layers make for the absolute best long hairstyles. The layers can be cut to flatter any face shape and long hair suits most body types by lengthening the face. If you don’t want it to be too long, you can cut your hair as short as your collar bone and still get the same great look. Remember to have your stylist cut above your cheekbones if you have a square jaw or at your cheekbones if your face is oval or heart shaped.


Taper your ends. The best long hairstyles lack bulk and work well with curly, wavy or straight hair. Tapering the ends keeps the bulk down and prevents the ‘afro’ look that some curly and wavy hair can get. Layers should be long in the front and a little shorted in the back. Hair will look thick but streamlined.


If you have super tight, curly hair make sure you get it cut dry as the water changes the weight and shape of the curl! Layers should be longer and start at the chin. Round layers look best as they lend weight without looking too heavy all of which helps to avoid the hair looking poofy and unmanageable.


best long hairstyles

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