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Long Shaggy Layered Haircut

Tuesday, September 24th 2013. | Hair Styles, Long Hairstyles, Medium Hairstyles

The long shaggy layered haircut is the perfect mix of easy to style and good looking that most women are looking for. It takes only a few minutes to style, while appearing stylish and modern on any woman. It’s a cut that any face and body type, any hair type and any hair texture can pull off.


Often considered the perfect hair cut, especially when cut at the shoulders, the long shaggy layered haircut has cross-generational appeal and is an evolution of the shag that appeared in the 70’s on Jane Fonda.


The key to a long shaggy layered haircut is the layers. You don’t want them cut too high on the head or they appear dated, but depending on your face shape you don’t want them cut too low either. Speak with your stylist about which layers will look best on you. In most cases you want the layers cut at the ears, not above, so that the cut doesn’t look too old. If your face is round you want them cut at the cheeks or beneath the chin while those with an oval or square face want to cut at the chin to help their features appear a bit more rounded.


Overall length to achieve the perfect haircut should just hit the collarbone with the layers on top of that. Look into getting both the bottom of the cut and the layers razored. While many people fear having their hair razored because of the potential for damage, if the stylist knows to cut the hair when wet with a fresh blade there is little damage to hair. And having your hair razored gives it a light, airy look with lots of movement as opposed to the stark bluntness of a cut with scissors.

long shaggy layered haircut

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