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Medium Length Cuts

Monday, November 25th 2013. | Hair Styles, Medium Hairstyles

Medium length cuts are always in style. Often considered the best look for women over the age of 21, medium length cuts are fashionable, easy to manage, easy to style and work with most hair types and textures. Medium length haircuts and styles cover everything from the bob to the shag and can stretch from as low as the collarbone to as high as the ears.

With any hair cut, finding the right style for your face and body type is key. Because short hair is so versatile it can be shifted easily to suit any face shape without much hassle, leaving the greatest issues to be how much time you want to spend styling and how short you want to go.

Medium length cuts are also ideal for coloring. The longer length means you can go with bolder contrasts because they will have more length to blend. The shorter your hair is, the more important it is that the colors blend better. Severe contrasts are easier to notice in short hair because the eye has less length to be tricked by. Longer hair also suits low-lights a bit more.

Medium length haircuts are also perfect for curly and wavy-haired women. They give length which helps to weigh down the curls, can be pulled up or down, and give those with textured hair a chance to play with different layering techniques including razored layers. Just remember, razored layers should always be done in the direction of the curl, on wet hair only, and with a fresh blade always!

medium length cuts

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