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Men’s Hair Highlights

Monday, September 23rd 2013. | Mens Hairstyles

Creating natural looking men’s hair highlights can be a challenge. After all, most men wear their hair shorter than women and the extra length that women can get away with helps to give them more options for coloring than men have. If your hair is super short, you have even fewer options.


Natural men’s hair highlights in super short hair should be applied by hand. Literally. Use your fingers to gently comb the color through the hair carefully, avoiding dropping large drops of color on the scalp as this causes irritation and skin coloration that will be visible through the hair. Be sure hair is completely clean and dry before beginning application. Move slowly and carefully, and go easy at first. You can always add or bleach away more color later, but if you go too far too soon you’ll be stuck with an unnatural look that you won’t enjoy.


Keep an eye on your hair. After the first 10 minutes begin checking the color to see if it’s what you want and then rinse it out with cold water, then shampoo and condition as usual.


Men’s hair highlights for slightly longer hair require a stylist and a technique known as baliage. Don’t let your stylist come at you with foils. Foils cause highlights to look like streaks or stripes in the hair because they don’t follow the shape of the head or move naturally with the hair. Baliage allows the stylist to go ahead and color with two different colors rather than just one, giving a more natural appearance, plus you’ll completely avoid tiger stripes because the stylist will be able to chose where the coloring goes.

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